Your Elevate 30

Want to get more out of Your Membership or Not Sure Membership is Right for You at this point?

Posted By: Albert Winks, MS

Not a problem.  We created Your Elevate 30!!!  30 minutes a month for Free Consultation from one of our amazing staff.  Your Choice!!!

From Concept-to-Legacy, life has a lot of ups and downs.  Knowing this, Ascension gives both Members and Non-Members  solid access to our Staff for 30 minutes a month.

6 Easy Steps:

  • Choose the Best Team Member for Your Concern

  • From Strategy to Leadership, from Engineering to Sales, we have an amazingly talented team that will add value to your concern.
  • Get on Their Calendar

  • Once you find the Team Member you want, click on their calendar link to grab the best time for your consultation.
  • Be Vulnerable and Honest

  • This is your 30 minutes so be Vulnerable, Honest, and Direct.  We can only help when we know how.
  • Listen to Diagnosis and Prognosis

  • Our Team Members have up-to-the-moment Information, Access, Resources, and Time-Saving solutions.
  • Use Our Professional Network

  • Our Team Member’s solutions will come from within our Professional Network. We have official agreements, both within and outside of our Membership body, to ensure we bring quality service to you in the best and quickest way.
  • Follow Through and Follow Up…Accountability and Success Elevator

  • Our solutions will be at a cost.  Whether you need a logo designed, cards printed, training on Facebook Ads, or Legacy Planning, our goal is to get you what you need when you need it at the best quality and price as possible.  As Ascension Members, you will see a greater percentage of savings and as a Non-Member you will save Time, Effort, Heartache, and Money by working with Our Team.
  • Use the 30 to be your Accountability Partner and to Elevate Your Success!!!

Elevate Your 30 Here

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