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Albert Winks, MS

Dec, 15

Name: Albert Winks, MS

Your Significant Other (do not have to be married for included free Heart Membership): Heather Winks

Children: Liam, Avari, Brody, Elaina, & Amelia

Corporate/Organization Name: Ascension Mentorship LLC

Position: Founder-President

What do you do to Make a Living?: As Founder-President of Ascension Mentorship, I have the honor to bring together my Villagers (Members) to Empower, Develop, and Collaborate to better not only What they do to Make a Living but, more importantly, Who they Are that Makes a Difference.

Who are you that Makes a Difference?: I am the Chief of such a Great Village that is Ascension as well as Dad to 5 amazing kids and Husband to my beautiful wife. I’m extremely passionate about helping people see they can be Agents of Change in their own lives as well as others’.

Connection/Dialogue Events that interest you: Self Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, Religious Empowerment, LGBT Empowerment, Education Empowerment, Military/First Responder Emp, Learner Empowerment, Conflict Resolution Emp, Better Dad, Better Mom, Better Parent/s, Better Relationship, Male Empowerment, Female Empowerment, Healer Empowerment, Politician Empowerment, Philanthropic Empowerment, Communication Empowerment, Leadership Empowerment, Community Empowerment, Team Empowerment, Business Culture Empowerment, Entrepreneur Empowerment, Veteran-in-Transition, Military/First Responder Family Member Emp, Dress for Success, New in Town, Other…Please let us know

Thoughts on possible additional Connection/Dialogue Events?: Anything else that Empowers, Develops, and Collaborates with Agents of Change!!!

What days are best for your Events to meet?: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

What time frames would you like your Events to meet?: Morning, Noonish, Afternoon

Where would you like your Events to meet?: Downtown

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: (361) 676-0504

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/albertwinks

Website: http://www.AscensionMentorship.com

Twitter: @AscensionMentor

Please tell us anything else about you in which you would like us to know.: Nothing beats the power of knowing there is no Box!!!

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