CPT Albert Winks, MS, [MHA], CSSHGB, PMC, CDAP

Army MEDEVAC Helicopter Pilot

As a MEDEVAC Helicopter Pilot, I led the medical evacuation of over 2,000 patients and I personally flew 268 Combat Missions Evacuating over 350 Patients from the Battlefields of Afghanistan

Let’s Elevate your Organization through my Experience!!!.

My Achievements

Success Stories

Proven Leadership 

  • Offered an Instructional Helicopter Command Position 5 Years Early
  • Worked with the Best-of-the-Best: Special Operators [Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces & Rangers, Army Black-Ops Aviators, & More]
  • Rated top 10% leader out of 30 while deployed in support of combat Operation Enduring Freedom 
  • Selected 1 of only 12 MEDEVAC Helicopter Pilots for 2006
  • Distinguished Graduate from ROTC’s final training evaluation exercise.
  • Awarded Superior Cadet Award (highest award for ROTC leadership, Top 3% in Leadership within 5,000 Cadets)
  • Supervised 50 officer candidates in training to fulfill the needs of the Armed Forces.
  • Selected as Training Officer & Battalion Commander [Highest Leadership Position in ROTC]
  • Unanimously Voted Number 1 in Leadership by my Peers
  • I started coaching when I was 14 years old
  • Cheerleaders I’ve trained went on to cheer for every major university in Texas. A chance for further education they would not have otherwise had 

 Continuous Improvement

  • Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Green Belt
  • Agent for Elite-Level Pilots around the Globe
  • Selected by 2 Board Members of Helicopter Association International as 1 of 50 Teacher Mentors for MIL2CIV Transition Workshop [a 6-hour workshop as part of the largest helicopter expo in the world]
  • Selected 1 of only 30 for HeliFutures – A Strategic Working Group focused on the Future of the Helicopter Industry
  • Established training structures pertaining to the pre and post-deployment of more than 2,000 personnel
  • Developed evolutionary metrics to measure, assess and/or determine the effectiveness and efficiency of current and proposed training design practices of a 1,200-person organization
  • Created 2-week Afghanistan onsite survey leading to enhanced training strategies and deployment procedures for more than 2,000 soldiers.
  • Fortune 100 Company [Strategized with the #1 Salesman within the entire Company]
  • Awarded the Air Medal, the 4th highest combat award within Army aviation
  • Awarded Sikorsky Rescue Award for Combat Action in Afghanistan 
  • Selected as Training Officer & Cadet Battalion Commander [Highest Leadership Position in ROTC]

Operations | Transportation | Logistics Management

  • Successfully led medical evacuations of over 2,000 personnel without accident or incident during combat operations
  • Operational control over Medical Evacuation Helicopters in Hurricane Irene NYC
  • Managed, without loss, over $15 million worth of medical evacuation aircraft and equipment