Ascension Army Countdown Glide Path Mastermind

Countdown to Ascension Mastermind

If you’re within 5 years of Departing the Army and you wish to be Professionally Matchmade with Ascension, this Glide Path Declares to the Aviation Community that you’re Investing in Your Future as it counts down to your Army Departure.


The Countdown Mastermind includes:

  • Specific Year-Group [5, 4, 3, 2. or 1] Community Access to Monthly Group Training Calls with Ascension Founder | President Albert Winks [grow with your peers]
  • Immediate Access to Aviation Employers to Begin & Deepen Relationships within the Aviation Community
  • Ever-growing Networking and Connecting-with-Purpose to Civilian Aviation Mentors around the Globe
  • In-Person Training & Networking at Aviation Events such as Heli Expo and Quad A
  • So much more…detailed in your Agent Agreement!!!