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Hero Statement

Hero for Army Helicopter Pilots wanting to Discover Their Story and Core Message to Create Multiple Income Streams as an Author, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, or Expert [yes, Pilot-Employer Matchmaking is one Path] while Attracting Instant and Ongoing Clients. Ultimately Bringing them a Business of Fulfillment Elevating Lives from Local to Global.

Employer Matchmaking

As an Agent for Pilots and A&Ps, I Matchmake Pilots and A&Ps with Employers through Training and Relationships.

Employer Matchmaking

I Help Pilots and A&Ps Before, During, & After Your Matchmaking:

1. Discover Your Story &
2. Develop Your Personal Brand to
3. Attract Instant & Ongoing Professional Matchmaking Opportunities
4. Ultimately Building You Increasingly Fulfilled Lifecycles-of-Employment in the Aviation Industry.

A Relationship Designed to be Clients for Life!!!

Employer Partners

I Help my Employer Partners Before, During, & After Your Matchmaking by:

1. Aligning Strategies & Personalities that
2. Decrease Your Anxiety & Increase Your Predictability and Profits by
3. Vetting, Training, & Directly Placing through Relationships.
4. Ultimately Building You Increasingly Fulfilled Lifecycles with Your Matchmade Staff.

Helicopter Pilots...Training Before, During, and After these MAJOR Events...

2018 Heli Expo in Las Vegas and Quad A in Nashville!!!


This is HUGE!!! The Largest Helicopter Expo in the World!!


How is Your Personal Brand?!?!


In-Person Personal Branding Training from Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS

Ascension Leadership Certification | Personal Branding Glide Path

I believe, our Army Helicopter Pilots are Heroes on the Battlefield but come home to join the Civilian World with a Gap in Your Potential and in Your Heart.


You have a Life Story to Tell, you have Life Lessons to Teach, and you have a Core Message to Share with the World.


And I believe that You can Build an Authority Brand with Your Experience and you can Instantly Enroll High Quality Clients, maybe More than You’re Already Attracting and You can have a Business of Fulfillment while You’re Elevating Others from Local to Global.


Ascension’s Leadership Certification | Elevation Glide Path is a multi-step process taking our Pilots from Heroes on the Battlefields to Heroes at Home!!!


Ascension’s Leadership Certification:
1. Discover Your Story
2. Develop Your Core Message
3. Develop Your Content & Programs
4. Structure Your Pricing
5. Attract Your Initial Clients
6. Develop Your Enrollment System
7. Deliver to You Instant & Ongoing Clients

Phase 1 [Conquer]

Mindset Shift | MESSAGEInitiate

Inform | Educate | Train

Phase 2 [Train]

Learn & Prepare | MARKETElevate

Train | Certify | Advocate | Network | Connect

Phase 3 [Execute]

Act & Refine | PROMOTECelebrate

Continuing Ed | Celebrate



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