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Hero for Army Helicopter Pilots wanting to Discover Their Story and Core Message to Create Multiple Income Streams as an Author, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, or Expert [yes, Pilot-Employer Matchmaking is one Path] while Attracting Instant and Ongoing Clients. Ultimately Bringing them a Business of Fulfillment Elevating Lives from Local to Global.

Ascension Leadership Certification | Personal Branding Glide Path

I believe, our Army Helicopter Pilots are Heroes on the Battlefield but come home to join the Civilian World with a Gap in Your Potential and in Your Heart.


You have a Life Story to Tell, you have Life Lessons to Teach, and you have a Core Message to Share with the World.


And I believe that You can Build an Authority Brand with Your Experience and you can Instantly Enroll High Quality Clients, maybe More than You’re Already Attracting and You can have a Business of Fulfillment while You’re Elevating Others from Local to Global.


Ascension’s Leadership Certification | Elevation Glide Path is a multi-step process taking our Pilots from Heroes on the Battlefields to Heroes at Home!!!


Ascension’s Leadership Certification:
1. Discover Your Story
2. Develop Your Core Message
3. Develop Your Content & Programs
4. Structure Your Pricing
5. Attract Your Initial Clients
6. Develop Your Enrollment System
7. Deliver to You Instant & Ongoing Clients

Helicopter Pilots...Training Before, During, and After these MAJOR Events...

2018 Heli Expo in Las Vegas and Quad A in Nashville!!!


This is HUGE!!! The Largest Helicopter Expo in the World!!


How is Your Personal Brand?!?!


In-Person Personal Branding Training from Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS

Pilot-Employer Matchmaking

Need More HoursMore TrainingSeasonal WorkBetter LocationMore MoneyBetter Culture?!?!  It’s not What You Know but Who You Know!!!


Pilot-Employer Matchmaking…part of Ascension’s Personal Branding Glide Path!!!

I Help Army Helicopter Pilots Before, During, & After Your Matchmaking:

  1. Discover Your Story &
  2. Develop Your Personal Brand to
  3. Attract Instant & Ongoing Matchmaking Opportunities
  4. Ultimately Building You Increasingly Fulfilled Lifecycles-of-Employment in the Aviation Industry.

A Relationship Designed to be Clients for Life!!!

Phase 1 [Conquer]

Mindset Shift | Initiate

Inform | Educate | Train

Phase 2 [Train]

Learn & Prepare | Elevate

Train | Certify | Advocate | Network | Connect

Phase 3 [Execute]

Act & Refine | Celebrate

Continuing Ed | Celebrate



  • Information
  • Access
  • Resources
  • Time [Saving & Valuing]