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Your Elevate 30

Want to get more out of Your Membership or Not Sure Membership is Right for You at this point?

Posted By: Albert Winks, MS

Not a problem.  We created Your Elevate 30!!!  30 minutes a month for Free Consultation from one of our amazing staff.  Your Choice!!!

From Concept-to-Legacy, life has a lot of ups and downs.  Knowing this, Ascension gives both Members and Non-Members  solid access to our Staff for 30 minutes a month.

The Rise in the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer

As more industries are impacted by volatile changes to the business landscape, we’re seeing a significant rise in the role of the Chief Strategy Officer. It’s a position that has become far more prevalent in the C-suite within the last decade – often under the guise of a head of strategic planning – but is seeing increasing activity as the economy continues to strengthen.